Clean Other Survey Software’s Data Overview

Data Cleaning Tips

Abbreviations - Make sure to not put the same exact abbreviation on any 2 questions. If you use an abbreviation once you can not use it again.

Matrix Column Order - Matrix Column Order is required but not Matrix Row Order.

How Next/Save Affects Final Question and Abbreviation -If you leave Final Question and/or Abbreviation blank then the first column header value at the top will be put in these columns if you hit next /save/previous without entering a value in the field(s). If you enter the Final Question Text and not the Abbreviation it will place the Final Question text in the Abbreviation field. If you enter the Abbreviation Text and not the Final Question text it will place the first column header as the Final Question text.

Question Type Notes

Video Time VizualSurvey Question Type Notes
1:14 Single Response  
2:50 Multiple Choice  
4:35 Single Response Matrix  
6:35 Multiple Choice Matrix  
8:22 Matrix of Dropdown Menus  
10:27 Matrix Dropdown
11:40 Numeric  
11:50 Ranking  
12:40 Textbox   Any open-ended questions where they can type in the text.
12:50 Date  
13:05 Net Promoter  
13:38 Zip Code You can group them if you want all the answers to show together in one list or single if you want to see them separate.


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