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Data Prep Tips

Splits Required – This software's multiple choice answers in one column instead of a separate column for each answer. In order for your counts to be correct, we will have to split these answers into their own column. For these question types, you will need to use the Split Action in the Prep Data step. This software separates these answers by a comma so you will need to do Actions then Split and enter a comma as the delimiter. Make sure your answer options do not have any commas in the actual answer or else it will mess up your workflow and you may have to start over. If your answer does have a comma go to your Excel file and remove any commas that are not delimiters for the answer options. 

Zip Code Question Type - If you asked any open-ended or single one type question asking for a Zip Code then select the Zip Code Question Type and the dashboard will show a Map instead of a list of Zip Codes.

New Question # – Each New Question #  will be a separate question/chart in the dashboard. Most question types will have 1 column per question but some question types such as Multiple Choice, Matrix and Ranking will have multiple columns for one question. In this case, you will have to group all of those columns together by giving it the same New Question #.

*If you would like a more in-depth explanation about the Prep process then watch the Upload and Prep Other Survey Software's Data video to see the logic behind it all. If you still are having problems please reach out to support.

Question Type Crosswalk

Video Time TypeForm   VizualSurvey New Question # Notes
Short Text   Textbox or Zip Code Single
Email   Textbox  Single
9:05 Number   Numeric or Net Promoter Score Single  
9:30 Dropdown   Single Response Single
4:35 Multiple Choice - Single Select   Single Response  Single or Grouped
5:08 Multiple Choice - Multiple Select Multiple Choice Grouped
Long Text Textbox or Zip Code Single
7:15 Picture Choice   Single Response Single  
7:35 Yes/No   Single Response Single Can change answer column to Yes and No in cleaning step. 1 = Yes and 0 = No.
7:50 Opinion Scale   Single Response, Numeric or Net Promoter Score Single If you want a bar chart select Single Response, if you want the average with other statistics then select Numeric, and if you want to see the NPS score select Net Promoter Score.
Date   Date Single  
8:41 Rating   Numeric or Single Response Single  
Phone Number Textbox Single
Website   Textbox Single  
Statement Textbox Single
6:00 "Other" Option Textbox Single If you select the other option you will need to give it its own New Question # and Textbox question type.
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